6 Step Tree Care Application Program

Dormant Oil – Applied late winter to early spring.   The topical spray application of superior horticultural oil helps control overwintering eggs and immature and adult insects.



Deep Root Feeding - Applied early to mid spring.  A balanced fertilizer to promote spring growth and beautiful color. The benefits include improved fruit, flower and bud production, also, improved root structure for better overall health and vigor.



Fungicide/Insecticide – Applied mid spring.   Insect control sprays target leaf feeding insects such as bag worms, tent caterpillars, leaf miners and sawfly larvae. Disease control is aimed at minimizing leaf spotting diseases such as scab and rust.


Fungicide/Insecticide – Applied Early Summer. Insect control sprays target bag worms, leaf beetle larvae, aphids, Japanese beetles plus other sucking and chewing insects. Disease control is intended to extend protection against scab and powdery mildew.



Fungicide/Insecticide – Applied Mid Summer.  Insect control sprays target spider mites and foliage feeding insects such as web worms and aphids are the targets for this foliage spray application.  Final protection for disease control to last through the end of summer.



Deep Root Feeding – Applied Fall.  Fall deep root fertilization allows tree and shrub roots to receive the nutrients and apply it to functions such as root development and disease resistance, rather than promoting new growth. Furthermore, the excess nutrients are stored in the roots and are immediately available for new spring growth.


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