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Lawn Application Program (Fertilizer, Weed & Insect Control)

Oasis Lawn Care offers a 7 step application program which consists of the following below:

7 Step Application Program

1.  (Februrary through March)   Slow release early sping fertilizer with pre-emergent  to get the grass to wake up from the winter cold and keep many grassy weeds from germinating.


2.  (April through May)  Broadleaf weed control spray to kill dandelions, chickweed, spurge, clover and many other annoying broadleaf weeds.


3. (May through June)  A second slow release late spring fertilizer with pre-emergent.  This application will get the grass greener and continue to keep many grassy weeds from germinating.


4. (June through July)   Grub Control w/ Fertilizer Application in early summer.  This application is a subterranean insect control which kills  white grub larvae such as:  Japanese beetle, Popillia japonica and all other subterranean larva that ingests this chemical once washed into the ground.


5.  (June through August)  Spring through summer surface insecticide spray application to control armyworms, fleas, ticks , cutwroms, chiggers, and many more insects.

6.  (August through October)  Late summer to early fall fertlizer which helps revive grass from the summer heat.


7.  (October through December)   Late fall winterizer fertilzer which give grass its last big feeding of the year to give the grass  good root strength to survive the winter to come.

Personalized Application Programs
Oasis Lawn care will also provide you with your own personal application program if you do not wish to have all 7 applications or if your lawn may need additional special applications to help your turf be healthy.  Such as lime applications to raise your soils ph level and help with the break down of clay, or fungicide applications to help prevent and/or control lawn diseases.

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