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Special Applications


EAB Emerald Ash Borer Application

Flashback to 2002. A tiny, exotic beetle, identified as emerald ash borer, was just discovered in Michigan.

By 2009, EAB killed an estimated 58 million ash trees in thirteen states, according to Dr. Leah Bauer of the USDA.

EAB was once thought to be a death sentence for your trees. Now, we know it’s not. You can treat EAB and save your ash trees.  Contact Oasis Lawn Care now for pricing for EAB applications.

Fungicides Applications

for lawns that are experienceing diseases such as Dollar Spot, Summer Brown Patch, Pythium Blight, and many others.  Fungus diseases that are not treated promptly could severly damage your turf.  Some fungus spread so that your whole yard could be overtaken by the disease.

The pictures below are some examples of a few fungus diseases.


Lime applications

 are used to raise the ph level of  the soil.  Soil can get a ph level below 6 and become acidic or sour.   Acid soils are not necessarily infertile but an indication that the supply of calcium and magnesium is low and needs replenishing. More importantly, high acidity or low pH levels may also cause other nutrients to be unavailable to plants. The greater the acidity of the soil, the greater the need for lime.  Soils that are acidic make grass struggle to survive.

Sulphur Applications

are used to lower the soils ph level.  When soil has a ph level greater than 7.5 it is considered Alkaline or sweet.  A yellowing of grass is seen in alkaline soils.  Most weeds like the alkaline soil. Weeds, like dandelions, and clover, signify that your lawn may be nitrogen poor and a sulphur application may be needed.

Gypsum Applications

are used to help loosen heavy clay soil, allowing air and water to more easily penetrate, which promotes grass and plant growth.

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