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Core Aeration :

The process of creating air channels in your lawn so that air can freely pass into the soil and circulate around the grass roots. Aeration is achieved by removing small cylinder shaped cores about 0.5 inches wide and 2 to 3 inches deep (similar to the idea of coring an apple).  Soil compaction is the reason why lawns need to be aerated.  Soil compaction means there is greater resistance against the grass roots as they try to develop to greater depths. Poor development of roots below the soil will result in a poor lawn condition above the soil.

The Benefits of Core Aeration:

  • The increased water, oxygen and nutrient uptake by the grass roots
  • Improved development of roots to greater soil depths
  • Enhancing water infiltration into the soil and to greater depths
  • Encouraging the breakdown and decomposition of thatch by soil microorganisms
  • Helps prevent the loss of valuable fertilizers due to run off from compacted areas


Verticut & Seeding:

If you’re interested in thickening the lawn up, call us to verticut and overseed. Verticutting creates a proper seedbed for optimal seeding results.  This Process generally results in seed germination rates of 80% and better!

To verticut we use a machine that slices grooves into your ground to expose the soil.  Typical depth to verticut is up to a 1/4 inch.   We first verticut the lawn one direction then go back over the lawn and verticut again at a 45 to 90 degree angle.  So now you have a criss cross affect.  Before seeding  we will go through the lawn and rake up all the big clumps left behind from the verticutting.  Now we will put the down the grass seed,.  The rate we use for typical yards that have a fairly good established lawn is at approximately 7 pounds of grass seed per 1000 square feet.   If your lawn is  more bare than lush then a suggested rate of 10 to 12 pounds of grass seed per 1000 square feet is recommended.   We use a tall fescue blend grass seed is the most beneficial grass that grows in the east Kansas area.  Other types of grass seed are available upon request, such as bluegrass, rye, or zosia.

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