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 has been serving the Kansas City Metro area since 1994.  For over 20 years our focus has been to provide professional service at economical prices.


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Oasis Lawn Care was established in 1994. 


As Lawn Care professionals for over 20 years it has been our goal to improve the overall aesthetic beauty of your lawn and landscape as well as provide quality pest control services.
As a small company we have a personal relationship with our customers.  We provide instructions with every application and will respond promptly to any question or problems that you may have with your lawn or shrubs.  

With Oasis Lawn Care, you'll save time and money while seeing your lawn and landscape reach its true potential.  We properly apply top quality products.  No more running to the store to buy high priced products with the risk of applying the product incorrectly. We use turf management practices recommended by the Kansas State University and follow all regulations and laws by the Kansas Department of Agriculture. We are specialists in our field.

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